Monday, May 10, 2010

The importance of portable industrial chillers

Industrial chillers are big machines meant for removing heat from a liquid. They are used widely for cooling of products, various mechanism and even machinery. They help in preventing the equipments from overheating and causing malfunctions to itself and to the company as well. Industrial chillers comprise of four types of compressors: the reciprocating, centrifugal, screw and scroll. These compressors produce a cooling effect through a vapor-compression method. They also come in two kinds of chillers: Water and Air cooled chillers. Water cooled chillers are ideal for indoor installation and operation. It uses cooling towers to release heat into the atmosphere. Air cooled chillers on the other hand, are ideal for outdoor installation and operation. They release the heat into the atmosphere through the condenser coils that are in the machine itself. There’s no need for cooling towers anymore.

Industrial chillers are big machines with big functionalities but what about the small things that need chillers too? What about the small applications, equipments or processes that need a close control? What happens then?

For these, there are portable industrial chillers for the job. They are smaller compared to the actual machines and they can be used anywhere, without being limited. Examples of processes that need close control is the injection molding or the processes within a glass blowing industry. Portable process chillers can be moved to provide close control over these processes to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Portable industrial chillers are also best for places where available space is limited. When you’ve got small-scale operations, portable industrial chillers are the way to go.


  1. Nice blog for me and info is quite valuable on industrial chillers and its applications. thanks for sharing it


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