Thursday, March 18, 2010

When is it time for chiller repair?

Operating used chillers call for more attention that new ones, naturally. A refrigerator at home is an example. Like any other thing, they also age and the wear and tear may be visible depending on how it is handled. Chiller maintenance also plays a great role in the efficiency of used chillers and its ability to maximize its optimum potential. When all else fails, chiller replacement for process chillers is the last step to be considered. But we all know that chillers aren’t small, inexpensive things. Chillers cost a lot of money thus replacement shouldn’t be done in haste. There are times when the only thing needed to get your process chillers running again is repair.

When can you tell if your used chiller calls for a repair?

- An excess vibration is a sign that there is an extreme wear on the bearings of the chiller. If this is the case, a technician who specializes on chillers should be asked to remove and check the bearings.
- An increase in Refrigerant approach temperature is one of the first signs that a chiller is not operating well. In these cases, a repair is likely needed. A technician should be contacted to check and investigate the problem that may have caused this.
- An obvious refrigerant leak is a sign that the chiller is in need of a repair. Even if the leak isn’t obvious but the refrigerant level is low, it’s still a cause for alarm. Chiller maintenance should be called for to avoid a loss in refrigerant and to avoid inefficiencies.