Saturday, April 3, 2010

Are process chillers useful?

Process chillers put simply provide cooling for processes or applications in certain industries. Industrial chillers often have process cooling methods to help them with the applications they’re running. Process chillers are composed of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, pipes, high pressure refrigerant relief valves and pumps. They are designed to stand the roughest environments and toughest conditions there is. These chillers take away heat and supply a consistent desired temperature throughout the day or the entire processing time. With this, the efficiency of the processes is improved.

Here are some of the industries that use process chillers:

Printing Industry- Process chillers are used to control the temperature in presses and rollers which results in efficiency and quality with lower costs because there’s lesser stretching and bleeding upon printing.

Baking – Process water chillers are used in the mixing process because the chilled water from the chiller allows longer mixing times and thus improves the final quality of the ingredients being mixed.

Plastic Production – Process chillers are used in regulating temperatures during injection molding and blow molding.

Food – Process chillers are used to cool processes like vegetable processing, confectionery making and chocolate manufacturing.

These are only some of the industries that use process chillers. A lot more out there are turning to these things to take advantage of its benefits. These industries include, but not limited to, boat and airplane manufacturing, skating rinks, dry cleaners, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries and metal finishers. Process chillers have proven to be beneficial and industries will continue to use them.

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